We Believe in Redemption.

Enroll US specializes in helping clients get Life and Health insurance. We help a wide range of people from those who are formerly incarcerated to the local town Librarian. We support thousands of non-profit and governmental organizations.

We do not charge our clients or the support organizations anything for our help. We strongly believe in “Redemption” and work with Re-entry Programs, Faith Based Organizations, Halfway Houses, Government Agencies and other Community Agencies.

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Our Concierges are here to help.  They will listen to you to learn why you are considering life insurance, what you want it to do, and who you want it to help.  There are many other factors in the decision process, such as Cost, Budget, and Time Periods, to be considered.

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Some companies will attempt a “bait & switch” on you by showing you premiums that you may not be able to get.  The quoted premiums are based on the Health Class requested by you.  Every Insurance Company will review your medical and personal information to determine your actual premium.  Our Concierges will be able to provide you with more insight to this process.

For our clients who are HIV positive, this quote engine will not apply to you.  We do have insurance companies who will issue life insurance to most HIV clients.

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